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Caroline Pegueros
Psychic Medium

Connecting you with your loved ones.


Meet Caroline

Hi my name is Caroline and are you looking to bring balance, clarity and purpose into your life? I can help you achieve this through many years of spiritual intuition, help you to tap into and unlock your inner self and higher self with guidance from the spiritual realm we do that through a series of ways with mediumship, reiki, through healing and energy. I will tap into inner wisdom and allow you to flourish and bring balance, clarity and purpose to all areas of your life. 

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Client Testimonials

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Rachel Willis


Debra D.

Caroline, your reading for me was absolutely amazing. You brought my deceased husband in with his exact personality and charm and he even made you and I laugh. The messages he gave me will live in my heart forever. It was the best reading I’ve ever had from a medium, you got him spot on. I am so grateful. You made me remember things that I had forgotten he and I did. You gave me identifiers, and you gave me, his heartfelt love I am so grateful to you .I actually felt him in the room with me. Plus you were so kind with him, your reading released a lot of sorrow that I carried. I am at peace now the first time in 20 years since his passing . Again thank you.

Reaching Out to the Sun

Kara W.

I love that I can be open to the possibilities of life after death.I have never met her before she knew nothing about me.

She told me that she could see things that my mom was seeing that was evidence that she was with me. She told me there was a sunshine picture and she drew it to show me and it was on my prayer board that had my mom on it and it was the exact picture there is no way she could’ve known that she also told me that I was throwing balls or something that my mom saw and I was throwing little small round balls of tomatoes to my chicken alittle while before the reading. She comforted me very much.

 Caroline will connect you. I have no doubt take a chance on her. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain God bless you all, and keep you.


Red love heart on hearts

Sharlene V.

My Grandmother also came through with supportive messages about finding my special person. ♥️

Within days and weeks after the reading, more things were being confirmed which blew me away. It’s been 4 months since my reading and things she brought up are still coming true. Caroline asked “what’s wrong with your Dad’s hand?” Nothing that I was aware of and when I told my sister about my reading and got to the part about our Dad’s hand, she told me that he currently had his fingers heavily bandaged. Turns out he had surgery decades ago that I didn’t know about and some pain is happening again so he might need another surgery. Neither my sister nor I knew about that until I asked! She is incredibly gifted. 

"When we open ourselves to the spiritual realm and connect with our divine essence, we invite the flow of love, guidance, and healing into our lives."

Caroline Pegueros


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