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About Me

I help connect you to messages from your loved ones.

When I was younger age I would pick up energy from people.

 I frequently knew things before they happened. My family was very loving and open to the signs of the universe and believed anything is possible, I also believe anything is possible!  The frequency that each of us puts out to the universe comes back to us. It can be set like a radio station, I prefer setting my radio station to a happy and loving frequency. 

 I have spent years working with  some great mentors who have helped me develop my gifts further.  I am a Reverend and hold an Ordainment as clergy through Universal Life Church.  I offer spiritual Counsel and religious rites.   

Education and Certifications

Accredited Psychic Medium

- Julian Jenkins

Universal Life Church

Ordained Reverend

Akashic Records- Certification

Remote Viewing

Angel Channel

Tarot Cards 

Angel Cards 

Spiritual Guidance

Reiki Energy Healing

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My Philosophy

My Philosophy of Spiritual Practitioner. I believe it is my calling and my privilege to help others and bring comfort where needed.

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