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What is a Aura?

It is unseen Spiritual energy field that surrounds all living things. Humans, animals, plants, and even inanimate objects have an aura. There are different colors in Auras. Each color stands for different things in a persons life. Could be mood or emotional state. Our Auras constantly change.

Why do we have Auras?

Auras perform the following functions:

- Protect the subtle energy body

- Assist with psychic communication

- Provide access to past life information

- Contains information about your life purpose

- Support and mirror your physical body.

Benefits of understanding auras , Can benefit you in many ways.

- Learn ways to protect your energy.

- Be more in tune with your needs and needs of others.

- Understand your personality and purpose better

- Become more intutive

- Become more empathetic.

There are many more ways of understanding.

Practice seeing your hands aura.

Hold your hand in front of you and palm pointed towards a white wall if possible. Stare at the open areas of your fingers for as long as you could. Just keep gazing and gazing. Might take several times of practicing but you should be able to see your hands aura.

Like anything the more we practice the better we get.

Here's a couple of Aura colors:

Most common is white. Most common when we start training our eyes to see and usually followed by yellow when learning.

There are many other colors and shades of color for auras.

Its fun practicing and you can even sit across from a friend and practice with them.

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